Seaton Hackney Stables wants to wish everyone on of our clients, staff, and (of course) horses a Happy New Year. We are happy to share with you that we have a lot of new announcements for 2022. 

One of our biggest announcements is that Gillian Barta and Michelle Miller will be taking over coaching the SHS IEA Team in 2022. Together, these two dynamic instructors will help build our team, develop our riders, and guide them through the upcoming IEA Show Season. Additionally, other instructors at Seaton Hackney Stables will be working with the team members throughout the season and as needed. There will be a lot of positive changes for the team and we are hopeful that more riders will join the team or, if unable to make that commitment, at least ride along to cheer for them at the upcoming shows in the following months. 

Another announcement is that Emmanuel Ruiz (aka Manny) has been promoted to Yard Supervisor. Many of you know him as our weekend “Trail Boss”. He also has been instrumental in working in the barn yard–a crucial function for Seaton Hackney Stables as this entails first-line care for our horses. Be certain to congratulate him when you visit the barn in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, we are very excited to inform everyone that Seaton Hackney’s Summer Camp registrations will be in beta-trial for online registrations by February 1st. We are looking for a few “beta testers” to give it a try. Please email if you intend to register your child in summer camp and would be willing to test the online registration system.

Happy New Year and, as always, happy riding!