Flexible Camp

Seaton Hackney offers a Flexible Camp Program any day or half-day of the year! For an amount equal to a couple of half-hour private lessons, participants will spend an exciting day at the Stables and ride at least twice, sometime three times throughout the day. The rest of the time will be spent learning about Barn Management matters and practicing them hands-on under the tutelage of one of our staff Instructors or Barn/Yard managers. Drop your child at any time after the Barn opens (8am) and pick her/him up any time before closing. This is what “FlexCamp™” is all about. This is not as structured and supervised as our regular camp, so participants should be able to interact with the horses and staff with minimal supervision.

Summer Equestrian Camp

Wondering what your child can do over the summer? Looking for something different that combines the great outdoors with education and fun? Send your child to Seaton Hackney Stables for one of our summer camp programs!