We LOVE Our Volunteers

Why volunteer?

Every Stable needs Rats and Cats! Ours is the human kind and an integral part of the success of our programs. Our Seaton Hackney volunteers not only earn valuable Barn Bucks (we call these $H$) but also are able to improve their horsemanship and leadership skills, acquire a sense of responsibility and  have a great time interacting with their peers and favorite critters in a healthy and supportive environment at Seaton Hackney Stables. Their parents know that they can entrust them to us for a few hours while running their errands and other family pursuits.

What does it take to become one?

To become a RAT and, ultimately a CAT, you must, demonstrate a love of horses and a willingness to help others. While we make an occasional exception, the minimum age for volunteering is 12yo (RAT) and 13yo (CAT). Before becoming a CAT, you will need to have proven yourself as a RAT, and that will take time. Also, because your ability to perform your tasks properly and succeed in your job as a Volunteer is very important to us, we offer specific Volunteer Training and make it compulsory. Once the training is completed and you have successfully passed the final test you will be able to fill out a volunteer Card and start earning $H$ Barn Bucks. The office will contact you regularly and schedule you for one or two (consecutive) 3-hr shifts. Until then, as part of your learning process, you will be asked to shadow other RATs or CATs.

$H$ Barn Bucks

Every Stables needs Rats and Cats! Ours are the human kind and an  integral part of the success of our programs.