It’s Not Just About Riding…
We Are a Safe Haven for Change

In today’s world, many people need a place to go where they can escape the not-always-pleasant realities of work, school, and life. Whether it is bullying from social media, stress from work, or other situatons that create pressure, people need that safe haven. 

Seaton Hackney Stables offers a hidden benefit for many of our riders. Parents have brought their children to us, asking for help in building their self-esteem and self-confidence, protecting them from slipping out of recovery, providing a happy environment that makes them forget a world that depressed them, and many other situations that plague our society. 

The bottom line is that horses heal.

Unlike other barns, we encourage our riders to become part of our family and interact with our horses. We welcome our riders to volunteer, bond with the animals, participate in various programs, and spend time on the farm. 

The gift of horses can make the difference and it can change their lives. 

Read some of our success stories and, if you know of someone in need of support, we welcome you to encourage them to see how horses can change their lives, too. 




Read some of the stories about how Seaton Hackney Stables has changes the lives of our riders.

Cat Zimmerman from CZ Mustangs

Read her story about how Seaton Hackney Stables and mustangs changed her life.

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