Equestrian Badge Program

Standardized Educational Program

Our extensive badge program facilitates the integration of our younger riders into their new groups, enhances safety through better knowledge, and supplements instruction with a standardized educational program.

Fee for each badge session is $39. All sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are completed by the successful passing of a test.

Whoever does not earn a passing grade (75%) will be able to retake the badge at no cost.

Volunteers, C.A.Ts and R.A.Ts, as customary, get these 4 badges for free and must take them as soon as they become available:


Basic Safety 101


Grooming 101


Tacking Up 101


Pony Handling 101

All riders at Seaton Hackney 17yo and under must pass these badges before upgrading Levels. Level 1 riders must successfully complete all 101 badges prior to moving up to Level 2. Before joining Level 3, all Level 2 riders must successfully complete both the 101 and 201 badges. And so on, and so forth. If you are not a Troop Rider, you will still need to pass the Badges and your Instructor will evaluate you and recommend the proper ones.

Visit our office for a complete updated list of upcoming dates for individual badge programs.