Just yesterday, we posted about our Early Spring 2022 Troop Registration. Today, we heard that there is a big snowstorm potentially heading our way. While you are hurrying to stores to stock up on essentials in case we get snowed in, we, too, are busy preparing for snow, but for our horses.

Did you ever think about what happens at Seaton Hackney Stables during a snowstorm? Despite bad weather and dangerous driving, we still need to get to the barn in order to take care of our horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, and chickens. Obviously, they cannot be neglected, even during inclement weather.

Grain and hay must be stocked in case roads are in poor shape for deliveries after the store. Hoses must be taken inside so that they don’t freeze. And stalls must be prepared with lots of shavings for horses that will be stuck inside during the storm. We try to blanket all of our horses that need them. The little goats get coats, too.

During the storm, we have people that live onsite to provide care, and our staff who live nearby in Morristown will journey through the snow to help them. All hands are on deck when the weather is bad because our horses and other animals need to be protected, fed, and watered.

For the rest of this week, we will be watching the weather. In the case of bad snow, please call the office at 973.644.3355. Volunteers are always welcomed to help shoveling paths, clearing the walkways, and tending to the horses, but only if you can get safely to the barn.